ILLUMINATI IIIntroducing Illuminati II, fair-traded & organic woven cotton fabrics out of Africa. Today, emphasis is on fashion that carries a greater and deeper meaning. Clothing is more thanprotection against the weather; it is a means of establishing the personal identity that ispresented to the world. In a world where we often take and seldom give NOIR and BLLACK NOIR are aimed at both the fashion and social conscience of the consumer. This vision has led to the creation of the cotton fabric brand Illuminati II the sole purpose ofwhich is to produce the finest cotton fabrics out of Africa for the fashion industry. The fabrics are made from Ugandan cotton, certified organic and fair-trade and is grown in Uganda and woven in Turkey for Illuminati II for onward sale around the globe to leading brands. Illuminati II partners with Bruce Robertson from Gulu Agricultural Development Ltd in Uganda. Bruce Robertson works with 10.000 farmers in the Gulu district in Northern Uganda.CSR is implemented by adherence to the principles of the UN Global Compact. Among other things, this means adhering to ILO conventions. Bruce Robertson is organic and fair trade certified by Union which ensures that all ILO conventions are adhered to and that the farmers get a fair price for their crop. The same principles (based on ILO conventions) are carried out in the ginnery and with the strategic partner in Uganda, Phenix Industries. The partners have been chosen based on their ability to prove that they too adhere to the principles of the UN Global Compact. For more information please contact info(-)at(-)