CODE OF CONDUCTThe purpose of this code of conduct is to ensure that suppliers to Noir, BLLACK NOIR and Illuminati II operate in accordance with internationally recognised minimum standards on human rights, labour and the environment. Noir, BLLACK NOIR and Illuminati II adhere to the principles of this code and expect the same of its suppliers.Observance of the code will be an enforceable and enforced part of any agreement or contract between Noir, BLLACK NOIR and Illuminati II and our suppliers.The aim of the code is not to terminate business, but to help suppliers improve social and environmental standards. Noir, BLLACK NOIR and Illuminati II are therefore willing to work with suppliers to achieve compliance with the provisions of this code. We will not conduct business with a supplier engaged in violations of fundamental human rights (see zero-tolerance standards below).Noir, BLLACK NOIR and Illuminati II shall periodically review the adequacy and continuing effectiveness of this code of conduct.Scope of ApplicationThis code applies to all Noir, BLLACK NOIR and Illuminati II's suppliers. The provisions of the code extend to all workers, regardless of their status or relationship with a supplier. The code therefore also applies to workers who are engaged informally, on short-term contracts, or on a part-time basis.It shall be the responsibility of suppliers to ensure that their sub-suppliers do not violate the standards of this code.Code of Conduct (PDF)UN Global Compact Report (PDF)