THE MISSIONThe mission of Noir, BLLACK NOIR and Illuminati II is to provide fashionable apparel that is created based upon Corporate Social Responsibility principles in all links of the supply chain that are meant to, at a minimum, do no harm and, at a maximum, do good in the communities, cultures, societies and environments in which the companies operate. Noir, BLLACK NOIR and Illuminati II strive to adhere to this, by using the principles of the UN Global Compact, the International Labor Organization and the International Chamber of Commerce as guidelines in all links of the process.This, with special attention to:1)Supporting the environment2)Sustaining social ethics3)Driving a sustainable business modelAs a luxury brand, the fabrics will primarily be sourced from Europe. Manufacturers are selected based on their commitment to quality, respect for social ethics and the environment. All manufactures are audited on a regular basis to ensure that the above standards are adhered to. In the unlikely event that some fabrics would happen to have been imported from outside of the European Community we ask all suppliers for a certificate of origin. From those that have sub-suppliers in countries outside the European Community (i.e. where the labor rights and environmental regulations of Europe do not apply), we require that they declare that these sub-suppliers abide to the principles of the UN Global Compact. If not adhered to, we reserve the right to terminate all collaboration.For more information please contact info(-)at(-)